Stretched Canvas

Why are our canvasses better than the rest?

  • All of our canvas is 100% cotton. The cotton has more texture than cheaper canvas, bringing your pictures to life. It also allows artwork to remain tightly stretched for prolonged periods of time (up to 80 years).
  • All of our canvas products come with a lifetime 100% replacement guarantee should any frame warp, they are of the highest quality.
  • Canvasses come ready to hang.
  • We use the highest quality latex printers giving excellent colour accuracy and detail and also remaining eco-friendly with no Hazardous
  • Air Pollutants (HAP’s).
  • Our photo editing software can touch up your family photo to give it that professional look and feel, or even turn it into a piece of art.
  • Choose between 2cm, 4cm or 6 cm thick frames.
  • Choose between various effects for your picture (black & white, sepia, paintbrush etc) at no additional cost!
  • Choose between many wrapping options to give your picture the desired effect.
  • We can even make water resistant stretched canvasses for moist environments (bathroom) or outside area exposed to rain.
  • We can also manufacture giant canvasses, up the 4m in length and 2.5m in width!
  • We are passionate about transforming your images into pieces of art that will last a lifetime
  • Choose from a multitude of templates for split panel canvasses.


 Wrapping Options


Photoshop Effects


Split Panel Canvas Gallery


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