Fabric Displays & Lightboxes

Fabric display systems comprise of the following:

An aluminium frame either free standing or mounted to a wall. They can be double sided. The wall mounted profiles are generally 20mm in thickness. A 1200mm thick profile can be converted into a light box with the use of LED lighting. LED lights can also be placed in strategic areas to light up certain areas of the graphic or the entire graphic.

They are a fantastic way to advertise, as not only do they look attractive but once the unit is purchased the graphic is simple and inexpensive to replace. They can also be used for indoor decoration.

Fabric frame display systems are used in all forms of retail advertising, they can be used for point-of-sale advertising as well. They can also be used as decoration in a home or corporate space.

There is less than 2mm of frame visible on the front of the graphic. This means that the frame almost vanishes and the display completely dominates the space.