Kingpin Printing

Kingpin Printing specialises in a very important aspect of interior decoration, the interior walls of any building play a major part on how the entire room looks and feels. We are a large-format printing company that takes pride in transforming interior wall space into beautiful pieces of art.

It really doesn’t matter if you are looking for simple wallpaper or eye catching art for your walls, Kingpin Printing has all the resources to deliver exactly what you need for your interior walls. Targeting the corporate world with our products have not restricted us from designing extraordinary wall pieces for the normal household, retail stores,  libraries and any other building that needs interior walling decor. We use the highest quality printing machinery and are the most eco-friendly in our industry. Our inks are schools and children certified, have a green guard rating and the odourless prints mean there is no ventilation required. Our wall coverings are also rated A+ on emissions. 

Book an appointment with us to transform your working environment for whatever reason you want, whether to motivate staff or if it’s for inspirational purposes. Take a look at our gallery and create something significant with your interior, we specialise in vinyl and window graphics, instagram prints, stretched canvas printing, wall paper printing and installation with a wide range of textures to choose from.

Over the years the company has grown into supplying fabric displays and light boxes, taking into consideration the innovation that retail shops needs to gain a competitive advantage.

Kingpin Printing offers specialised products and services therefore the need for consultation has been the core of our business. Book an appointment today and experience the excellent products and services offered to customers especially on a one on one basis. Call us today and change the way you see your interior forever.